Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year, New Year, New Year...

Humour: Bored but happy! (?)
Weather: Who wants to know? ¬¬'
Drinking: Nothing! Kitchen is too far!
Eating: Nothing either, I'm not hungry!
Listening: Who else? ~.**ANASTACIA**.~ (dãh!)
Oh, my God!!! I haven't been here for.... ages! The last time was in July.. How could I be able to do such thing? OMG, what was I thinking?

Ok, ok, let's NOT regret anything, right? Okay, then.... ;]

So, another year has come and with it other things too. Many things have happened since July and just for the ones who are curious, I split up with my boyfriend (well, now obviously EX-boyfriend! :]), but I am not sad about it, not at all, and you should have seen us because it was very funny once we both wanted to split up but kept together as close friends (and some kisses happening in the mean while!). But, anyway, he is in another city right now and this is history (:!.

I'm on holidays but gotta tell you these holidays SUCK! Well, simply because I have absolutely NOTHING to do! Oh, my God, what kind of vacation is this? Well, can't complain 100% because I had time to do loads of extra-hw and I'm not crazy, ok :)!! It's just that I wanna do this difficult test in the middle of the year (or in the end, I don't know!), so I hafta study, don't I? ;]

Oh my Lord, I believe I'll change school!! Isn't that great? Well, if you studied in the same school as I do, you would DEFINITELY say what I'm saying! Believe me, guys, my school sucks! :0 I can't keep complaining very much because it's not 100% sure I'm leaving that shit some people call school! But, anyway, as soon as I know if I'm changing or not, I tell you, ok! ;]

Uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuul, the new album of my wonderful, amazing, angel, unbeatable and most perfect DIVA, .{.~**ANASTACIA**~.}., will be released on March 25th!! Isn't that spectacular? Well, of course this is only a rumour, but it made me SO happy that I can't even describe. She hasn't released anything since 2004 (apart from the clothing line, but that's another story!), so just imagine how I am!!! ;] ;] ;] ;] Possible title? Huh, just take a look at my blog title, My Vision From Glasses. Many freaks (this is how we, ~*ANASTACIA*~ fans, are called!) didn't like this title, but you can call me tacky and so on but I like it. Very much!! It's a nice title afterwards!! But as I said, all of this is only a rumour, so we gotta wait to see if will really be this one or not! ;]

Oh my... My MOST*PERFECT >!*GODMOTHER*!< got married!! I was there, I was there! Uhuuuuuuuuul. She was x-tremely beautiful and amazing, and they (the couple!!) were so enchanting and wonderful together! You should have seen them. Perfection in two human-beings! And the ceremony? The most cute one and everybody was so happy to be there, to be a witness of their happiness! Do you know that song "She" from Elvis Costello? It's the song from the movie "Notting Hill"... Well, this song played while they were putting the wedding-ring in each other fingers! I tried for many times to describe how perfect this wedding was, but I can't because there are simply no words lovely enough to express the magic of that place, the happiness of everybody and the love of *.*Cy*.* e *.*Rô*.*! Simply perfect! Really!

Guys, I gotta go... Have some things to do and other things to finish (like finish the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" for example! ;]).

Many, many xxx to everyone and this time I PROMISE I'll try to be here more often!!


Monday, July 23, 2007

I just want you to understand....

Because when I say "I love you" I don't know if I mean it, but when you start saying anything to other girls I almost scream because of so much jealousy... What do I feel inside??
I know I can live perfectly fine without you, I actually think I would like things this way, but I still don't know why I am jealous everytime I see you with other girls...
We should talk; we should have a very serious talk.... Of course I don't wanna hurt you, but despite everything you say, I don't see myself living a life by your side, getting older with you, having kids with you! No, definitely this is not what I want and I MUST respect my feelings at first place, even if this is bad for you....
I have so many things in my mind, so many things I wanna do and I am sure I'll do, but you are not in my plans by now... Not saying you are a plan, but I don't have space in my life, and in my heart, for such thing.... I wanna see so many things, I wanna do so many things, visit so many places, meet so many people and I don't know if I'll do all these things with you, and my dreams are the best thing I have on my own!!

I don't wanna hurt you, definitely don't, but I don't wanna keep with something not 100% pleasant, and most of the time I am unhappy being with you than happy and this is not right!!!

I just want you to undestand my point... I'm not putting a full stop in our story, I am just taking some time to see how things will be in the future... I don't wanna feel I am with you just because I am and this is what's happening now... Please, I SO want you to understand me.... I know this will hurt both of us, but it's the best thing to do....

Saturday, July 21, 2007


There are so many things I'd like to do, so many ways I'd like to go. If I could just say with all my strength this is what I want without fearing what is about to come...
Sometimes I think I am afraid of changing. I don't know, but is hard to believe I can lose some people I !LOVE*So*MucH! because of fate. I don't know if I'm able to deal with situations where the people I so care and esteem can end up far from me. I am sure those people will be by my side and inside my heart forever but I want more than that!! I wanna hug and kiss them everyday, and say how much *IMPORTANT* they are in my life; I wanna thank them for being there and make sure they know they are _SPECIAL_ to me!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

OverduE GoodbyE...

Too sick to post anything.......
My heart's broken... But don't wanna talk about it.
Yep, this is true--> "Not everything is forever!"

You think everything will never come to an end... But is never like that! Some things just have to end, even though you are not sure why! Sometimes you need time to preserve the love you still have, you can't just keep going because if you do that you'll be lying to yourself! You can't pretend you are feeling something if you are not; you need to be honest with your heart so that you will be honest to the world!
Don't fake a smile, don't kiss if you don't want to, don't be with the person just because of others! "The others" won't make you stop suffering... YOU will have to stop by your own and then don't cry anymore...

Everything is gonna be ok, you just need to focus on what you really want and NEVER*EVER stop being who you are and give up of your dreams!

I'll let you with a very beautiful [.~***ANASTACIA***~.] song called: Overdue Goodbye.
Read it and listen to it, you are bound to love!!!!

xxxx to everyone...

-*SpeciaL*KisseS*- -->

{.=**CynthiA**=.} --> You make me laugh like no-one else and supports me so much. You are .UNIQUE. in my life!! You are part of my *>S2<* and I will *(*ALWAYS*)* _+**LUV*U**+_ ... .=4EVER*&*EVER*Baby=.

>~*ElisA*~. --> I'm sure what I feel for you is... ~LOVE~!! Even with this huge distance between us you are here with me and I'm grateful for everything!! .!LOVE*YOU!. _4EVER*&*EVER_, ok!!!

OverduE GoodbyE

This is a message, pay attention
I got something to say
Blessed information
This is me walking
That's you waving
It's my getaway
My taste of freedom
Goodbye, goodbye

This is a calling, not a conversation
This is not a game
No manipulation
If love is a season
You were my winter
You were just the ice
Laying on my finger
This is a message, pay attention
Nobody's going to love me the wrong way again
This is a calling, not a conversation
This is my overdue goodbye
Yeah, overdue goodbye
Oh, in my tomorrow
All the fields are golden
And all the papers say
That the spell's been broken
To my future lover
Fate will find you
'Cause you`ll have the power of truth behind you, yeah
Oh, yeah
Said goodbye, baby


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WeddinG WeddinG WeddinG....

Oh my God!!!!!!!! Completely _+*PERFECT*+_!! That's the right word!!! Like a =DREAM*CominG*TruE=!!!! She was SOOOOOOOO*BEAUTIFUL!!! A (**QueeN**)... an +**ANGEL**+!!! The *MOST*BEAUTIFUL*ANGEL*EveR!!!
[.~***ANASTACIA***~.] married her bodyguard on 21/22April2007 and let's face the truth: No-one could be more spectacular than her!!! The ceremony took place in the "Quinta Real" resort in Huatulco, Mexico! There were rumors it would be there but (like everything about the wedding!) nobody was sure!!!
How I wish I was there.... No idea of how much!!!

"(It was) unbelievably beautiful. Everything was just the way it should be."

Honeymoon?? Nobody knows, BUT (Jesus Christ, we've got a "but") they want to spend at the other end of the world (just realize: if they got married in Mexico, the "other end of the world" is.... ;]) to find some peace and relax!

"It's a very private and romantic place." [.~***ANASTACIA***~.]

Really nice thing--> Her MUM went along with her to the altar while Shawn (her sister!) was responsible for decoration and a shaman married them!!!
Really nice thing II--> Her wedding dress was white (as you can see in the pic - duh!!), tight-fitting (of course, with a body like that!!! who wouldn't like one too??), diamond embroidered (how chic, huh!), designed by Jenny Packham from London. The collor is called Oyster and she chose "1940- old Hollywood" as theme for designing.
How incredibly ~**PERFECT**~ it was, huh!! Oh my God, I don't think I deserve even to think about it!!!
Guys, I have to go now..... Maybe I'll come back later, maybe I won't.... Have hw (¬¬')!!
xxxx to everyone...
-*SpeciaL*KisseS*- -->
{.=**CynthiA**=.} --> Impossible to say how I .**LUV**U**. and how _**IMPORTANT*&*SPECIAL**_ you are to me!!!
>~*ElisA*~< --> My +*PERFECT*SISTER*+ what can I say to make you know how much I .!LOVE*YOU!. ??? You'll have to tell me!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lots of Things...

Putz, no comments at all!! Remember the two tests I told you about yesterday?? Well, I did them and.... Let's face the truth: Too easy to be sure about anything!! Do you know when you do a test and you think it's really easy so you got scared because of it?? Well, that's happening now.... Actually, the Biology test wasn't that easy (which doesn't help anyway!) and the Geometry was so dumb that now I'm scared!!! I'll know my Geometry mark tomorrow... Come on guys, support me, ok!!!

What do we say when we don't have anything to say?? God, I'm not creative today (only today??)...
Ahhhhh, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing... My tests are over!!! I only have Maths tomorrow (¬¬) and --> It's done!!! Incredible, huh!!
I'm not doing anything interesting these days... That's why I hate tests and works, because we don't have time to do anything else.... :X


Oh, I'm worried 'bout someone I really like... Not sure if she's ok... She's trying to be but, don't know, sth in her eyes... Sth different.... Let's talk to her 'bout it tomorrow!!

...tic tac...
...tic tac...
...tic tac...
...tic tac...
...tic tac...
...tic tac...

God, I'm about to make a huge mistake... I'm not sure if I should do it (I don't wanna hurt him!) but, if I don't, I'll be lying! Damned!!! I hate this stuff!

I should go now.... Nothing else to say...

Oh, before I go...
CONGRATS to you!!! You read everything (at least you should!) and now you got a rest!! Go, get a cup of coffe and come back but now do sth really nice, ok!! And, as you are here, why don't you leave me a comment?? Nice, huh!!

xxxx to everyone..

-*SpeciaL*KisseS*- -->

{.=**CynthiA**=.} --> I have absolutely no*words to tell you how much *!SPECIAL!* you are to me!! You are (.**REALLY*REALLY*IMPORTANT**.) in my life and I'll ~_*LUV*U*_~ .=4EVER*&*EVER=. !!! And MucH*MorE

>~*ElisA*~< --> My [.*PERFECT*SISTER*.], how can I describe what you mean to me?? Impossible, huh!! You bring me Sun in the rainy days!! .**LOVE*YOU**.

PS.: What kind of person write "thinking" and "tic tac"??? Crazy!! Completely crazy!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

And Here We Go AgaiN...

Yes, here we are!! How incredible, huh!! This is my.. well don't know how many times I've tried to do a blog but, anyway, here we go again!!
Yes, it will be in english but, no, I'm not American or British or anything... Brazilian, actually!! I'm not really sure why I'm doing it but I am.... Maybe because, you know, to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk....
No, I'm not crazy (do you know that every crazy person says exactly the same thing???).... Maybe I am (this is what everyone says!!)
I should go now... Have tests tomorrow...
Biology which I'll be in a big big trouble if I don't study and Geometry which I .LovE. but my teacher sucks!!! ;]

Oh, before I go....
Let's try to make this place a nice one!!

Before I go II....

Do you guys possibly know [.~**ANASTACIA**~.] ?? Well, she is _+ThE*BEST*SingeR*EveR+_ and just in case you know her, please, tell me, ok!!! ;]

xxxx to everyone...

-*SpeciaL*KisseS*- -->

{.=**CynthiA**=.} --> I'll \*+LUV*U+*/ =4EVER*&*EVER=, ok!!! _NEVER_ forget that!!!

>~*ElisA*~< --> You are my *¨Sweetest*Baby¨*, I !Really! *=*LovE*YoU*=*

PS.> Know [.~**ANASTACIA**~.] ? Great, I like you too!! Don't know her??What a shame!! You should be embarrassed!! But once I'm nice [hauahaua... What a liar!!] here's her -->
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